This adorable puppy is Alex.  He, along with his brother Eddie, were on “death row”.  The breeder could not sell them and he had no use for a puppy that was only costing him money so the only answer in the breeders mind was to kill the puppies.  Fortunately a very kind man found out about this and saved the boys.

Alex was born sometime around November 25th (we were not able to get an exact birthday).  By his size now he will grow up to be a nice size Doberman.

Alex is living with other dogs and a cat.  He likes to be around the other dogs but like a true puppy he like to try to play with them no matter if they want to play or not!

Alex is doing great learning his house manners, including house breaking.  He also goes in his crate at night and sleeps the whole night through.

Alex, like his brother Eddie, had a rough start and will need a family that will give him lots of love and guidance.  He will definitely benefit from obedience training and the socialization of a class.

Alex will need a home with a physical fence.

If you are looking for a cute, snuggly little dobie guy then Alex is your man.